5 Stretches That Will Get You Ready For Your Next Run

Woman stretching ham strings before a run

Do you love a good run? If you find yourself skipping stretches before your daily run, you should consider including them before your next outing! Stretching daily leads to fewer injuries, especially if you stretch before or after any type of run. If you train hard or run fast, dynamic stretches will mobilize the muscles and get more blood to the important areas. Check out these five stretches to add to your workout!

Glute and Piriformis Activation

This is a fantastic stretch for someone who suffers from runner’s knee, also known as Piriformis. The stretch is great for the glutes, hips, lower back, and lateral quad mobilization. The exercise helps move the glutes and lateral quad areas before your run. To do this stretch, bring your ankle up over your knee and towards your waist and enjoy how the glute and lateral quad area feel after.

 Hamstring Sweep

Having hamstring tightness is no joke. Pulling a hamstring is even worse! To do this stretch simply bend the back knee sinking your bottom toward the ground like you are about to sit in a chair. Keep your front leg straight and sweep down with your hands. This helps create a hamstring stretch.

Ankling and Calf  Mobilization

Have you ever had pain in your Achilles, calf, or shins? This exercise is what you need to do before you run to help with that pain. Place your foot on the ground with only your toe and the ball of your foot. Your heel should not be touching. Slowly move your heel to the ground. Aim for 15-30 seconds on each side.

Leg Swings: Abductor and Adductor

Having tightness around the abductor and adductor muscle group is not fun. Try standing up straight, keeping you pelvic aligned. Take one leg and swing it across the body to the end of the range on the medial side and then back again across the other side. This is good for increasing mobility and building a stronger core.

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Leg Swings: Hamstring and Hip Flexor

Are your hamstrings and hips always feeling tight? Just like the abductor and adductor stretch, you want to stand tall with a good torso and pelvic alignment. Swing your legs backward and forward keeping your pelvis in a very strong fixed position.

Try these out and see what a difference they make!

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