Art Destinations Around Palestine


At Palestine Toyota, we’re proud of our hometown. From our railroad history to our Dogwood Jamboree and so much more, we’re known for our rich history and culture. And now we’re getting some acclaim for our artsy streak. That’s right, Palestine’s been recognized as a top “small town” in Texas for art lovers. In fact, there are art destinations around Palestine everywhere you look.

Art Tracks

One of our most heralded art traditions around here may be Art Tracks. For those of you who may not know, Art Tracks is an annual juried competition where sculptors vie to have their sculptures displayed in the downtown area for up to one year, after which some are relocated permanently to Palestine Railroad Sculpture Park. Speaking of destinations, if you’ve not been to Palestine Railroad Sculpture Park, put that at the top of your to-do list. It’s a perfect tribute to our city’s railroad history.

Mural Challenge

Have you heard about the Mural Challenge? Have you completed it yet? We’re talking a trek to see all 28 murals across town, each one stunning. As a bonus, some are painted on works of arts themselves – historic buildings with a storied significance to our city – like the Anderson County Courthouse.


Palestine definitely has its share of beautiful buildings, and one of our favorites is the Texas Theatre on Crawford Street. If you’ve ever wondered what Spanish Colonial architecture looks like, take a gander at the Texas Theatre. Built in 1930, the Texas Theatre has survived two major fires, and after extensive renovations is now a popular destination for live entertainment. In addition to the theatre and the courthouse, there are a whopping 1800 historic sites in these parts with unique architectural features.

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Caboose Craze

Last but not least, but, obviously last, is the Palestine Caboose Craze. As you’ve seen around town, we have beautifully artful cabooses all across our city. We highly suggest that you make it a goal to seek out every single one of them.



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