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Upgrade Your Waffles With These Toppings

decorating waffles at home
You can do so many things with waffles. Whether you opt for sweet or savory toppings, you can create a tasty snack or meal that is easy and versatile. In fact, that’s what makes waffles such a great food choice. Everyone in the family can start with plain waffles and... [read more]

A DIY Pest Control Guide For Homeowners

Woman spraying plants with bug spray using water bottle
Do you ever catch a glimpse of something scurrying around your home? Don’t let those pests pester you and your household. If you want to keep the uninvited guests out of your house, try these professional tips for do-it-yourself home pest control. Don’t Invite Pests In Your home’s curb appeal is great... [read more]

Create Your Own Sidewalk Chalk Paint This Summer

child playing hopscotch on painted pavement
Summertime is primetime for outdoor activities, from sports to pool days and much more. It’s a great occasion to bring your family’s creative inclinations outside as well. When the sun’s out, your driveway can become a canvas for their artwork, and you don’t even have to buy sidewalk chalk to... [read more]

Enjoy One Of These Cold Lunch Break Meals

Female Worker In Office Having Healthy Chicken Salad Lunch At Desk
Tired of spending all of your money on your lunch break? It costs a minimum of $10 per meal, per day to eat lunch on the go. Save your cash and time with these quick, cold lunch recipes! 5-Minute Buffalo Chicken Wrap Who says chicken tenders are just for kids? If you... [read more]

Grab A Delicious Sandwich At Old Magnolia

Artisan Salami Sandwich
Folks know to go to Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop for the best sandwiches in Palestine and maybe even Anderson County. Located in the historic downtown area, Old Magnolia takes the humble sandwich and raises the craft to fine art. Sometimes a warm soup and filling sandwich is all you need... [read more]

Fun Ideas To Celebrate Dad

Family preparing meal in backyard
Father’s Day is a day of appreciation for all the great dads in your life. If you’re not sure how to celebrate this year, don’t worry, we have plenty of fun ideas of ways to celebrate him. Fondue Dinner Fondue or Fundue? There are so many great fondue recipes you can find... [read more]

Explore The Texas Forest Trail Region

ranch with wooden fence, cowboy hat, footpath, pond and vegetation
If you’ve been thinking about taking a road trip this summer, there’s a whole world of natural beauty, arts, history, and culture just down the highway. Load up the car to visit the Texas Forest Trail Region. National Forests Texas geography varies depending on which way you’re headed, and if you go... [read more]

How To Protect Your Car From The Summer Sun

Car in the sun
When summer arrives, it's easy to remember to pack an extra bottle of sunscreen and drink plenty of water. You know that you can be affected by the summer heat, but we often forget that our cars can too. Here are five ways you can protect your car from the... [read more]

Great Ideas For Your Backyard Raised Garden Bed

Father and Daughter Planting Garden
Spring and summertime are perfect seasons to get into gardening. If you don’t feel like digging a hole in your yard or don’t have the space to make a hole, raised garden beds are a great alternative to inground gardens. There are many ways you can make a DIY raised... [read more]