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Enjoy The Fall Weather With These Activities

Photo of a happy young family and their dog enjoying their autumn days on a pumpkin field; family exploring pumpkin patches in the fall and preparing for the upcoming holidays.
The fall season is a favorite for many. With the cooler temperatures and the beautiful vistas of changing leaves, it is a great time to get outdoors. Not sure what to do outside this season? Here are some ideas that you and your loved ones can enjoy together this fall. Play... [read more]

Art Destinations Around Palestine

Anderson County Courthouse Palestine, Texas
  At Palestine Toyota, we're proud of our hometown. From our railroad history to our Dogwood Jamboree and so much more, we're known for our rich history and culture. And now we're getting some acclaim for our artsy streak. That's right, Palestine's been recognized as a top "small town" in Texas... [read more]

Recipes As Easy As Pie

High angle photograph of a lattice fruit pie
There's nothing like a warm slice of pie on a chilly autumn day. Whether it's pumpkin, rhubarb, or that all-American favorite, apple, a good piece of pie hits the spot in a way that nothing else does. So let's look at a few of our favorite, easy pie recipes thanks... [read more]

Get A Taste Of Little Mexico

young latin woman eating mexican tacos on a restaurant terrace in Mexico Latin America, feeling happy on a summer day
Little Mexico has been a staple of Palestine, Texas, for over 50 years. Having moved to three different locations, been through generations of family, and survived a fire in 2009, it is no wonder why the people of Palestine love Little Texas so much. Open from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00... [read more]

Spice Up The Tailgate With This Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

A bowl of Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip with blue cheese and celery in the background and crackers on the side
Having people over to watch the game or tailgating before is how most of us spend football season. However, it is easy to think of game food as only grilling. Enjoying some grilled chicken, a hotdog, or a hamburger is game day appropriate, but sometimes you want to change it... [read more]

Serve Food On The Water With This DIY Pool Tray

luxury floating breakfast eat in swimming pool
Swimming and splashing in the pool is a perfect pastime for families. Inviting over friends or the neighbors to cool off and have fun is the best way to spend a warm day. However, having to get out of the pool to grab snacks puts a pause on all the... [read more]

Feast On All Your Favorites At Giovanni’s

Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple
The smell of garlic, rich marinara, spicy pepperoni, and more all come together to make Giovanni’s a go-to eating spot in Palestine, Texas. Italian food is a family and crowd pleaser any day of the week. And no matter what everyone’s in the mood for, you’ll find a ton to... [read more]

Upgrade Your Waffles With These Toppings

decorating waffles at home
You can do so many things with waffles. Whether you opt for sweet or savory toppings, you can create a tasty snack or meal that is easy and versatile. In fact, that’s what makes waffles such a great food choice. Everyone in the family can start with plain waffles and... [read more]

A DIY Pest Control Guide For Homeowners

Woman spraying plants with bug spray using water bottle
Do you ever catch a glimpse of something scurrying around your home? Don’t let those pests pester you and your household. If you want to keep the uninvited guests out of your house, try these professional tips for do-it-yourself home pest control. Don’t Invite Pests In Your home’s curb appeal is great... [read more]