Try These Coffee Shops In Palestine

Palestine Coffee Shops

Do you feel a little low on energy? You just need some coffee, and you’ll be ready to tackle everything that comes your way. Fortunately, Palestine is full of coffee shops you’re sure to love. Check these out these spots next time you need a caffeine fix.

Cream and Coffee – Drive Thru

Need a caffeine jolt, stat? Then, Cream and Coffee on Crockett Road it is. Cream and Coffee has a double drive-through, and the service is fast. You’ll have your cup of joe and be back on the road in no time at all.

Now, about that coffee. Everything on the menu is superb. You can ask for samples if you aren’t sure what you want to order. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the mocha Frappuccino or chai latte, so if you don’t want a sample, order one of these. You’ll go straight to caffeine heaven after the first sip.

Cream and Coffee at Wells Creek

Do you prefer to sit down while enjoying your coffee? Head to Cream and Coffee at Wells Creek for some amazing coffee and service, plus seating. The interior is so cute and cozy, so you can lounge around while enjoying a divine caffeinated beverage.

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Jocelyn’s Donuts

What’s not to love about doughnut and coffee? This is the perfect combination, and you can enjoy both at Jocelyn’s Donuts. The doughnut shop serves both hot and iced coffees and offers various specialty options throughout the year. The cotton candy Frappuccino is worth the trip alone. Pair it with some velvet doughnut holes and you’ll have a new favorite spot.

One thing to keep in mind: This place is crazy busy in the mornings. It’s hugely popular, so time your visit to beat the crowds. Of course, if you love hanging around people, you can head over in the morning and make some new friends over coffee and donuts.

Now you know where to go, but how are you going to get there? How about in a new Toyota from Palestine Toyota in Palestine, Texas? We have just what you need to make those coffee runs more fun. Grab your new wheels and then head directly to your favorite coffee shop. You’ll have your caffeine fix in no time at all.

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