Cold Weather Car Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Frozen windshield

Driving when it’s cold out can be a frigid experience. Icy weather brings a plethora of complications that no driver wants to deal with. Check out these preventative measures that you can take to be more proactive about winter driving.

Windshield Tips

Chalk Board Eraser: Use one of these old-school tools to quickly wipe off any fog on the inside of your windshield without creating any smudges.

Fresh Air: Make sure your vehicle’s air recirculation is turned off. Cars are humid. Bring in some fresh air to get rid of that foggy windshield faster!

Shaving Cream: This DIY trick is a timesaver! Cover the inside of your windshield with it then wipe it off. You’ll leave behind a thin layer that acts as a natural defogger.

Pick Up After Yourself: Remove any water bottles or other drinks from your car before heading in for the night. The moisture from these will contribute to a foggy windshield!

Door Hacks

Hand Sanitizer: Frozen door lock? No need to worry! Just squeeze a dab of hand sanitizer on that bad boy. The alcohol will melt the ice in no time.

Fire: Try heating up your key with a match or lighter then manually unlocking your door with your key. The heat from the warmed-up key will thaw the ice so you can hit the road!

Cooking Spray: Spray just a bit of cooking spray wherever your door seals. This waterproofing trick will prevent water from seeping in and freezing.

Drinking Straw: Blow air through a drinking straw on the lock of your door. The hot air of your breath will thaw out the locks in a pretty timely manner!

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Winter Emergency Kit

Keep a bag or box inside your vehicle at all times during the winter full of all the things you might need in case of a breakdown! Throw in some blankets, a pair or two of thick socks, maybe a coat, and anything you might can think of to add! We suggest also adding hand warmers, a battery-powered phone charger, and some snacks just in case. This trick is super customizable and definitely a necessity for every vehicle owner during the cold winter months!

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