Cooler Weather Car Tips And Tricks

Bucket with sponges and brush with lots of foam next to car tire.

Warm weather is officially fading away and it is time to get your car ready for the cold days ahead! After the last few months of summer, sand, and fall leaves, your vehicle is probably in desperate need of a good cleaning. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to check on a few other things to ensure that you and your crew have a safe and comfortable time on the road this winter!

Clean, Clean, Clean

First things first, you need to take everything out of your car. Fast food wrappers, old water bottles, smelly gym socks, you name it – it all needs to go! Once you’ve taken everything out of your car, you need to work in some elbow grease and start scrubbing. Use car-safe interior wipes for all of the plastic and leathery surfaces of your vehicle. If you can’t get your hands on those wipes, laundry soap and water works just as well. Drag your vacuum out to the garage and suck up all the small dust and dirt particles.

Tire Tread Inspections

You need to make sure your tires have at least 1/8 inch of tread left to help you trek the icy roads this winter. If they have less than 1/8 tread, it is time for a replacement. With all the salt and chemicals added to roads in the wintertime to avoid accidents, you need that tread to keep your vehicle from slipping and sliding all over the highway. All-season tires are a great purchase to make, but if you live in an area with extremely harsh winters, you may want to just invest in a second set of tires that you only use during the wintertime!

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In the wintertime, it gets dark earlier and the atmosphere is always wet. You want your car’s headlights to shine bright enough to see the road ahead. Aged headlights often become cloudy, making them more dim than usual. You can purchase a headlight restoration kit or you can use household items such as toothpaste or baking soda to return your headlights to their original shine!

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