Embrace Your Curiosity At The Curious Museum

Curious Museum

If you’re a parent, you know how curious kids can be. With their constant questions regarding life, the universe, and more, sometimes it can be overwhelming. After all, we only have so many answers ourselves. To help find some answers for your curious child, why not take them to the Curious Museum where they can meet other kids and learn more about science, life, and the universe?

About the Museum

You can browse various exhibits at the Curious Museum located at 1301 S. Royall St. The hours of operation are Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Throughout the school year, exhibits are available by reservation Monday – Friday. This makes the Curious Museum the perfect place for field trips and other adventures for students. Ticket options are as follows:

  • Adults and Children Ages 3 and Older: $5.00
  • Children Under 2: Free
  • Members: Free

At the Curious Museum, there are many exhibits you and your family will enjoy.

Forces and Motion Exhibit

You can enjoy the following at this exhibit:

  • Keva Building
  • Wind Tube
  • Bernouli Blower
  • Harmonograph
  • Balancing Stick
  • Bubble Screen

Electricity and Magnetism

With the Electricity and Magnetism exhibit, you’ll love:

  • Circuit Workbench
  • Magnetic Sculpture
  • Pedal Generator

Light and Color

Learn about light, refraction and more with the following:

  • Colored Shadows
  • Light Island
  • Human Kaleidoscope

Life/Earth and Beyond Exhibits

With the Life exhibit, you can enjoy the:

  • Garden of Smells
  • Giant Microscope

At the Earth and Beyond Exhibit, you’ll love the:

  • Augmented Reality Sandbox
  • Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets

Geometry Exhibit

In the Geometry Exhibit, your children can learn a little bit about math with the following:

  • Nature’s Geometry
  • Playing with Geometry
  • Building with Geometry

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