DIY Décor Hacks To Enhance Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Decorations and Centerpieces

Since the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, it is the perfect time to crack open the craft closest and get to work! Don’t worry about using the same old thanksgiving decorations that you pull out of storage year after year. Unleash your inner crafty side by giving some of these DIY décor hacks a try!

Mason Jar Candle Holders

This fall decorating hack is as simple as going outside and finding some beautiful fallen leaves! Once you find your leaves, set them on a paper towel to let all the moisture out. You’re going to use mod podge to stick the leaves to the outside of your mason jars. Tie a cute bow made of your favorite fall-colored ribbon to the top of the jar. Place a candle or a small light inside the jar and watch it light up the room!

Fall Candle Centerpiece

Adorn your mantle or decorate your table with these super cute candles! Grab a couple of plain candles from your local home décor store (make sure they are of varying shapes and sizes). Wrap them up with some gorgeous fall leaves you find outside your home with some twine, burlap, or a festive ribbon! The bets part of this decorating hack is you can arrange these candles however you like, wherever you like!

Autumn Fairy Lights

This super easy hack is sure to impress your guests! Go outside and find some beautiful fall leaves, perfectly shaped pinecones, and acorns. Use super glue to attach them to a string of fairy lights and hang them wherever you want! These lights will look gorgeous and add a beautiful fall glow wherever you decide to put them.

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Thanksgiving Tree

Go outside and find a nice tree limb that gives off that “Charlie Brown” feel. Show it some love by standing it up inside the corner of your home with some burlap. Use some red, orange, and yellow paper to cut out some leaves. Let your whole family write down what they are thankful for on each of the leaves then attach them to the different branches.

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