Slide Into Summer With A DIY Slip ’N Slide

Smiling girl sliding down an outdoor slip and slide

Keeping the kids entertained all summer long can be quite a daunting task, especially with the extreme Texas summer heat. You might think that if you don’t have a pool or store-bought water toys, it’s best to protect the littles from the heat and keep them inside. Although, that’s not the case. While many result in buying online slip ‘n slides, they’re often not fit for fun, as they are made of cheap material. Follow along to learn how to make a quick and easy, three-step slip ‘n slide your kids will enjoy all summer long.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 10-foot by 100-foot roll of 6 mil plastic (can be found on Amazon)
  • 10- to 12-foot long 2-by-4 board
  • Garden staples or tent stakes
  • Lawn sprinkler or garden hose
  • Baby shampoo
  • Optional items: Hammer, drill, pool noodle

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Step By Step Easy Slip ‘N Slide

First, you’ll begin by designating the perfect spot for the slip ‘n slide. You’ll want the largest strip of land you can find, as Fatherly recommends buying a 100-foot piece of plastic. Although, if you have a hill, that’ll double the fun.  Before you start building your slip ‘n slide, ensure you remove every stick and rock from the premise, as these novelties could destruct your slip ‘n slide masterpiece.

  1. Start unrolling the plastic sheet, and secure each end with the garden staples or tent stakes. Although the word staple may sound scary, they don’t offer up any exposed metal, so rest assured your kids are safe. On the other hand, the tent stakes will provide a more firm hold, ensuring the sheet doesn’t move while in action. For the most secure option, the 10-to 12-foot long 2-by-4 board will come in handy. Here’s what you’ll do — lay the board on the edge of the plastic sheeting. After, wrap the plastic around the board as many times as you can. To secure the board, drill a hole on each side of the board, and after, hammer in a tent stake through each. Also, if you decided to incorporate a noodle, this is where it comes in handy. You can attach it to the bottom of the slide to slow down the kiddos when they reach to end of the slide adventure.
  2. Now, here’s the fun part. Set up your sprinkler among the runway, or the garden hose at the beginning of the plastic sheet. Before applying any baby soap, to ensure the slide is safe, have your kids slide down the runway. If it’s not slippery enough, the soap is sure to do the trick.
  3. Enjoy!

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