Driven To Succeed Giveaway

Driven To Succeed

McLarty Toyota is partnering with Palestine High School for the Driven To Succeed giveaway! We will be giving away a free 2017 Toyota Corolla to one lucky high school senior who has perfect attendance. We will put all of the seniors with perfect attendance in 6-week intervals into a drawing for a chance to win the Corolla.

How It Works

Every 6 weeks the school will take attendance and the students with perfect attendance will be entered in the drawing. The more times the student completes a 6-week period with perfect attendance they more chances they will have to win the car. We are going to draw 10 names out of the hopper and give each of the 10 students a key and one lucky winner will receive a key that will start the car. All other 9 winners will receive a prize.

Good Luck!

We hope everyone is excited about this great giveaway! Show how much you’re driven to succeed and it may just land you a new ride!

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