Find Unique Christmas Gifts at Duncan Depot Antiques

Duncan Depot Antiques

Some people are easy to shop for, but everyone has that one person on their list they can’t find anything for. You look and look for a gift, but nothing you find seems right. Put this problem behind you by shopping at Duncan Depot Antiques this Christmas. This 10,000-square foot building has something for even the pickiest of people, and you can find some amazing deals. It’s open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m., so make your plans to go shopping today. The perfect Christmas gift just might be waiting for you.

Real Antiques at a Reasonable Price

This is a real antique store. You will find antiques that seem like they were passed down from generation to generation until ending up inside of the store. These antiques range from toys to furniture and lots of things in between. You can even find some of the most elegant dinnerware you’ll ever see inside of the store.

Stellar Organization

If you’ve spent any time inside of antique stores, you know organization can be an issue. Some antique stores are so disorganized that it’s impossible to find anything. Fortunately, the staff at Duncan Depot Antiques wants people to find what they’re looking for, so everything is well organized. It’s easy to walk around and look at the items you’re most interested in purchasing.

An Amazing Owner

You might go for the antiques, but you’ll stay for Lilly. Lilly is the owner, and she’s a Palestine treasure. People love picking her brain. She knows her antiques, and she can tell you all about the different items in the store. If you’re looking for something, she’ll also help you find it. Be sure to talk to her when you’re doing your Christmas shopping. It’s like talking to an antique encyclopedia. If she doesn’t know it, it doesn’t exist. Don’t expect dry facts, either. Lilly has a lot of stories to tell, and she is more than happy to share them with her customers.

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