Explore The Texas Forest Trail Region

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If you’ve been thinking about taking a road trip this summer, there’s a whole world of natural beauty, arts, history, and culture just down the highway. Load up the car to visit the Texas Forest Trail Region.

National Forests

Texas geography varies depending on which way you’re headed, and if you go east, you’ll encounter wooded forests, shimmering lakes, and even secluded swampland. In this biodiverse region, you can hike through national forests to see longleaf pines soaring more than one hundred feet into the air. You can also walk in the shade of white oaks, giant cypress, elm, magnolias, and more as you listen to the songs of the birds that make their nests in the limbs. Whether you visit the Angelina National Forest, Big Thicket National Preserve, or any of the other designated sites, you’re sure to see a gorgeous side of Texas nature that might seem a world away from the arid plains further west.

Caddo Lake

In the trail region’s northeast, you’ll find Caddo Lake State Park. The freshwater marsh and swampland are perfect for boating and fishing, all within the picturesque environment. You can paddle out in the open water to cast a line where it’s clear, or explore the backwaters and bayous as bald cypress stretch out overhead, draping moss over the waters coated green with vegetation. On land, the state park is the perfect setting for picnicking, camping, birding, and other outdoor activities.

History and Culture

From the peoples that inhabited the land for centuries to the myriad of cultures that have arrived in years since, the Texas Forest Trail Region is home to ages of human history. At destinations like the Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, you can learn about the Caddo people who farmed the land and created the fascinating temple and burial mounds. While the intricacies of Caddo culture are not fully known, you can get a glimpse into their daily life through the sites’ artifacts.

Planning Your Trip

The Texas Forest Trail Region is just a quick trip east of Palestine, and various destinations within the region have places to stay if you want to make a long weekend or vacation out of your adventure. Take a look at the map to see all your options.

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