Fun Ideas To Celebrate Dad

Family preparing meal in backyard

Father’s Day is a day of appreciation for all the great dads in your life. If you’re not sure how to celebrate this year, don’t worry, we have plenty of fun ideas of ways to celebrate him.

Fondue Dinner

Fondue or Fundue? There are so many great fondue recipes you can find online to create your own immersive experience for your special person. Going to a restaurant can get expensive, not to mention crowded. Why not have a fun night in with loved ones and cheese? This will be a meal your dad will never forget.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed isn’t just for moms or birthdays. Greet your Dad with a surprise when he wakes up on Father’s Day. Have a wonderful, homemade breakfast for him. You can whip up his favorite breakfast, whether it is eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toast, or cheesy potato casserole. You can even add some freshly squeezed juice or a cup of joe. Don’t forget to make it with love!

Go for a Ride

If the weather is nice, you could plan a trip to the park for a nice bike ride and picnic. If your dad has a motorcycle maybe, you could ask him to go for a ride to his favorite ice cream shop or restaurant.

Outdoor Movie Night

If your dad is a big movie buff, have a movie night. Make sure you let him pick the movie since it’s his day. If you want to make things fun, have an outdoor movie night under the stars. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time. All you need to do is hang a white bed sheet and project his movie of choice onto the screen. Bring pillows and blankets to make everyone comfy!

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Have a Cookout

Who doesn’t love food? The way to a dad’s heart is always through his stomach so, whether he loves steak, shrimp, or chicken, plan a fun cookout and serve his favorite dishes.

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