Impress Your Gameday Guests With These Easy Party Ideas

Hot dogs for game day

Some people celebrate football season in the same way they celebrate major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. From high school games on Fridays nights, to NCAA college tailgates on Saturdays, all the way to professional matches on Sundays, each weekend during football season is like one big party. Add some upgrades to your watch party with these super fun decorating ideas that will have everyone screaming “TOUCHDOWN!”

Football Field Table Cover

Give your table a makeover by transforming it with this super cute football field idea. All you need is a green table cloth, white duct tape, and some number stickers. Place the green tablecloth over your table as you normally would. Using the white duct tape, make goal lines, sidelines, and end lines across your “field.” Use the number stickers to indicate which lines those are. You can find these stickers in the craft section of just about any store! Now you have a football field to place all your delicious gameday treats on.

Game Day Beverage Station

Cover your usual drink tub in a sheet of turf. If you can’t get your hands on turf, some green paper or fabric will do just fine. Use white duct tape to create some lines on the tub so that it resembles a football field. Create a miniature field goal using small PVC piping that you coat in yellow paint. Stick it inside with the drinks and you have a fun little beverage station perfect for gameday.

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Super FAN Balloons

Head to your dollar store to grab a few packs of balloons in your team’s colors and grab a white or black paint pen! Use the paint pens to make brown balloons look like footballs, write your favorite player’s number on a balloon so that it looks like a jersey, or whatever else you want to do. This perfectly customizable craft is fun for every football fan!

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