Give Your Furry Friend Top-Notch Care From Brookhollow Vet Clinic

white Labrador dog at vet

You want the very best for your furry friend, down to the veterinarian care it receives. Fortunately, you can get top-notch care for your pet at Brookhollow Vet Clinic in Palestine, TX. The clinic has three vets on staff, including the father-son duo of Drs. John and James Morton. The two vets helped keep the clinic going after Dr. Don Scarborough became ill and eventually passed away in 2013. First, they offered their services on a volunteer basis, which is a true testament to their compassion and love for animals. While they’re now on the payroll, they have the same dedication to ensuring that pets receive the medical services they need. Learn more about the services to see why this is considered the top clinic in Palestine.

From Wellness Checks to Surgical Care, the Clinic Has It All

Your pet will have access to a full range of care at Brookhollow Vet Clinic. It offers wellness exams and treatments, including surgical options. In fact, the vets can handle various common surgeries onsite. Thus, your pet will be in great hands here.

Access the Latest Technology at Brookhollow Vet Clinic

Has a veterinarian ever sent you to another location for testing or told you that you’d have to wait to get the results back from an outside lab? That can be stressful when you’re worried about your pet, and you can avoid the issue by going to Brookhollow Vet Clinic.

First, the clinic has an in-house lab for testing. That means the veterinarians run various diagnostic tests in-house so you can get the results back quickly.

The clinic also utilizes digital radiology to diagnose conditions. For instance, if your dog develops a limp, the veterinarian can take diagnostic images right there onsite. The veterinarian can also enlarge the images to pick up minute details that some clinics might miss.

The clinic even has digital ultrasound technology to examine your pet’s organs. Again, your veterinarian can run the test and get the results right away before developing a treatment plan.

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Special Services for Senior Pets

Have you noticed that your health needs change as you age? The same is true for your pet. Fortunately, Brookhollow Vet Clinic offers senior care for aging pets. The veterinarian will order specific tests to check for common diseases in senior pets. If your pet does get ill, the team can then go over your treatment options.

These are just some of the services your pet can access at Brookhollow Vet Clinic. The team also provides microchipping, dental care, boarding, grooming, and other essential services. Reach out to learn more about making an appointment for your furry friend. Then you can ensure your pet receives top-notch healthcare through every stage of life.

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