Explore The Wild At Grapeland Safari

Grapeland Safari

Want to go on safari, but a trip to Africa isn’t in the cards? Check out the Grapeland Safari right here in Texas. The safari has all kinds of animals, including zebras, wildebeest, llamas, and buffalo. You don’t have to walk around to see these animals. Drive through in your vehicle and experience everything the safari has to offer.

Admission is $10 a person, and kids 2 and under get in for free. This is a cash-only business, so hit the ATM before visiting. Bring extra cash, so you can buy food for the animals, souvenirs, and more.

Feed the Animals

It’s so much fun to feed the animals at the Grapeland Safari. As you drive along, animals will come up to the window for some food. Buy some food when you get there, and then toss these at the animals as they come up to your vehicle. If you see an animal you want to feed but it doesn’t walk up to your vehicle, drive to it. There aren’t any trails you have to follow, so you are free to roam in your vehicle.

The Petting Zoo

You’ll want to get out of your vehicle to visit the petting zoo. It has a tortoise, turkey, small deer, pigs, and goats, and the animals love people. You can pet them and interact with them, and they will even pose for pictures. Be sure to snap a few, so you can take some memories home after your trip.

Best Time to Visit

You want to go when the animals are at their most active. That means you should go during the early morning or late evening, especially when it’s hot outside. Otherwise, the animals will be soaking up the shade and won’t want to come to your vehicle.

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Insider Tip – Use Mosquito Spray Before You Go

You will likely encounter some mosquitos during your trip to the safari. Spray yourself before you go, so you don’t go home with bites. Then, you can enjoy the animals without smacking away mosquitos.

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