Bring Your Family To Grapeland Safari

Grapeland Safari

You love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals, but there is one issue: There is just too much walking, and it’s like the asphalt attracts all the sunlight. That makes for a hot and tiring day. The Grapeland Safari found a way to solve this issue, though. This drive-through safari lets you stay in the comfort of your vehicle while interacting with the animals. You can get out for the petting zoo, but you’ll spend most of the time in your car, viewing the animals inside with the cool AC. You get to do that for just $10 a person, and your little ones under the age of two get in for free.

The Experience

When you arrive, you will have the opportunity to buy some food; you definitely want to do that since the animals will come to your vehicle’s window for a snack. You can buy a cup, but we recommend that you go for the gallon bucket. The food goes quickly, and you’ll wish you had more if you just had a cup.

Once you secure your food, you’ll be ready to embark on the safari.

While most drive-through safaris have a specific path, that’s not the case here. You don’t have to follow a specific trail; instead, you can go to your favorite areas of the park. For instance, you can go to the goats or head over to the pigs or turkeys. Be sure to squeeze in time for the camels and zebras, too. You’ll be amazed by the assortment of animals you’ll find here.

The Petting Zoo

If you have small kids, the petting zoo at Grapeland Safari is a must. Yes, it means you’ll have to leave behind the cool confines of your temperature-controlled vehicle, but you’ll be happy you did. Your kids will have a blast playing with baby goats. They might even be able to hold one or two. Expect to enjoy some serious belly laughs as you watch your little ones interact with the animals at the petting zoo.

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Come Early

If you want to get the animals at their most active, come early in the morning. They are ready to eat, and since it’s still cool out, they are much more active than they are later in the day. If you can’t make it early, come in the evening. It’ll be cooler then, so the animals will come back out.

You have to provide your own set of wheels at the Grapeland Safari. You want something that is reliable and fun to drive, so stop by Palestine Toyota in Palestine, Texas, before your adventure. Once you get your new Toyota, you’ll be ready to drive right over to the safari and interact with the animals.

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