Great Ideas For Your Backyard Raised Garden Bed

Father and Daughter Planting Garden

Spring and summertime are perfect seasons to get into gardening. If you don’t feel like digging a hole in your yard or don’t have the space to make a hole, raised garden beds are a great alternative to inground gardens. There are many ways you can make a DIY raised bed for gardening. The wonderful part about raised beds is that you can build them to suit your space and needs.

Simple 4×4 Posts

This style raised garden bed is a great way to start your first garden bed. You’ll need 4, 24-inch 4×4 posts for each corner of the box and 8-foot 2×6 inch boards. The 2×6 inch boards can be cedar or redwood. These two woods are rot resistant, which makes them the best choice for the longevity of your garden bed.

Fabric Raised Planters

This is a newer discovery for raised garden beds. Fabric planters are super easy to install, especially if you only have beginner building skills. This will save you a lot of time so that you can get started with your garden right away. There are varieties of sizes too. Therefore, depending on how much space you have, everyone can use these fabric raised gardening beds.

Waist Height Planters

Gardening is a great hobby, but sometimes it can be hard on your body. These waist high planters create a more comfortable alternative for your body and your space, if you’re dealing with a smaller space, raised planters have room for storage underneath to keep your gardening tools. Make sure you have enough depth to plant.

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Hoop House Attachments

If you’d like to take your raised garden bed design to the next level, you can add a hoop house attachment. The greenhouse tunnel keeps humidity and warmth in your garden box. You’ll need PVC pipes and steel tube straps to construct this attachment. Again, you can change the size easily according to what works for your space and bed.

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