Soak Up The Summer With These Grilling Tips


Everybody knows that summer is the best time of year to grill. It’s so easy to just invite some friends over for a grill out and then enjoy each other’s company over burgers and hot dogs. If it’s your goal to be the best grill master possible, keep reading to sharpen your grilling skills and maybe learn a trick or two.

Start With a Clean Grill

Meat is extremely flavorful, and that’s why we all love it so much! With that being said, you don’t want last night’s meat flavor soaking into tonight’s dinner; especially if the flavors clash.

Don’t Flatten the Meat

No matter how satisfying that sizzle might be, it’s actually not a good sign! That sizzle is caused by the fat leaking out of the meat and hitting the flame, and fat is what makes the meat juicy and flavorful. Keep all of that flavor intact and ditch the squish.

Don’t Push the Meat Around

Do you push the meat around to make sure it doesn’t stick? You shouldn’t push or flip meat more than necessary. The less you do, the better, and the meat will unstick by itself.

Stop Cooking Before It’s Done

You have to remember that meat is a different ballgame than other foods. While it’s totally normal to wait until a dish is done cooking in the oven to take it out, that’s not necessarily correct with grilling. Meat continues to cook for several minutes after being removed from the grill. Take it off when it is still slightly undercooked, and it will finish cooking on its own.

Pro tip: let it sit for 5-15 minutes before eating it or cutting it. It will finish cooking, and the juices will redistribute. Then it will be perfectly done and juicy.

How to Cook Meat With Bones

Don’t over-char meat with bones! Start by cooking the meat on high heat to get a crust. Then move it so it gets indirect heat from the grill. The indirect heat will cook the inside of the meat without charring the outside.

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Get to the Grill

Now that you know some more about grilling, you and your friends will have a tasty summer. Invite your friends over for a barbecue and show off your new skills. Happy grilling!

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