Visit the Grinch’s Lair This Christmas Season

Grinch's Lair

He spent most of his life being a mean one, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Grinch has ended up in jail. He came to Palestine to spread his usual holiday jeer and ended up at the Historic Anderson County Jail. It looked like he was going to do hard time, but he’s already making amends. He’s giving out gifts and entertaining young boys and girls, and you can get in on the fun if you buy a ticket. Tickets for the Grinch’s Lair cost $10 a person, and multiple dates are available, starting on Nov. 18 and running through Dec. 23.

Not sure what to expect when you see the Grinch? Get the scoop so you’ll be prepared.

Whoville Has Taken Over the Jail

The Grinch didn’t travel to Palestine on his own. He brought some of his favorite pals with him. You will get to meet the others from Whoville as soon as you walk through the jail’s doors. You’ll even have a special Whoville guide who’ll try to keep things on track as you tour the Grinch’s lair and the jail. Just don’t be surprised if the guide can’t keep the Grinch reigned in very well. He has a mind of his own, and he’s going to be up to his old tricks. The guide will do his best, but no one can completely control the Grinch – not even when he’s in jail.

Interact with the Grinch

Your child probably has a lot of Christmas favorites, but interacting with them has never been possible. Sure, you can take your kid to see Santa, but it’s on the lap and off, just like that. It’s so much different at the Grinch’s Lair. Your kid will get to spend real time with the Grinch. From singing songs to telling jokes, the interaction makes the event so much more fun.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

The event is meant to be fun and memorable for the entire family. Memories are best when they’re captured on film. The actors create scenes that are perfect for photos, and photographs are encouraged. Bring your camera along to snap pictures when you can.

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