Get In The Halloween Spirit With These Foods

White mummy macaroons for Halloween

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s taste buds are ready to experience some delicious sweets. However, Halloween isn’t just about candy. There’s a ton of baked treats and go-to party foods that’ll be sure to change any candy lover’s mind. Check out these scary-good treats from our friends at the Food Network!

Love At First Bite

Store-bought Halloween candy doesn’t even compare to these delicious homemade treats:

  • Mandarin Pumpkins: Using a black permanent marker, draw eyes, mouth, and ribs on a juicy Mandarin orange. These will be sure to brighten up your kids’ lunchbox or snack bag.
  • Bread Coffin: Cut off the top of a loaf of bread, crosswise. Hollow out both the top and bottom slices, and fill with your favorite dip. Next, arrange the top piece you cut off just over the top and place a plastic toy skeleton (optional) climbing out of the “coffin”.
  • Bone Breadsticks: Mold strips of store-bought pizza dough into the shape of bones. Dust them with Parmesan cheese and bake until they turn golden. Marinara sauce makes the perfect red dip to accompany these bony treats.
  • Spooky Cookies: Use cookie cutout figures to create your favorite Halloween monster. Dress it up with icing or fondant to create a mummy or a skeleton pet.
  • Bell Pepper Jack O’ Lanterns: Use a paring knife to remove the orange bell pepper seeds and anything else inside. Cut out the nose, eyes, and mouth. Next, fill each pepper with carrots and celery sticks. To make a cauldron for the dip, hollow out the bottom half of purple bell pepper and fill it with ranch dressing.

Family-Friendly Treats

These frightfully delicious bites are sure to please the whole family and will be sure to keep your little ones happy all day long. These are easy Halloween food ideas to make for your party or trick-or-treaters. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

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