Ignite Imagination At The Curious Museum

Two kids looking at a science exhibit, back view

Two kids looking at a science exhibit,  back view

Thanksgiving will soon be here. With Thanksgiving Day comes Thanksgiving Break. Your kids will be home, and you will need to find ways to entertain them. Captivate their curiosity by taking them to visit the Curious Museum in Palestine, TX, to check out the exhibits.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Kids can really get their hands on the earth with the Earth and Beyond exhibit. This display is a 3D experience filled with alternating topography in a sandbox that has projected topographical maps onto the sand formations. You can influence the maps as you transform the sand landforms with your hands.

Human Kaleidoscope

You and your children can experiment with light in the Human Kaleidoscope. See how light can reflect and refract on certain objects. Your children will love seeing the effects created from prisms, lenses, mirrors, and colors.

Circuit Workbench

The Circuit Workbench is an electrifying exhibit. Kids can play by testing the circuits on the workbench. On the Circuit Workbench, children can experiment not only with light, but motion and sound as well.

Keva Building

Does your child enjoy creating things? They will love exploring the Keva Building exhibit. In this display, children have the chance to build a variety of patterns and buildings with the unique wooden blocks available at the display.

Magnetic Field

What science museum would be complete without a magnet section. At the Magnetic Field display, kids can experience the power of magnets by testing various magnets with items like bolts, nuts, etc.

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Come Play & Learn at the Curious Museum

The Curious Museum prides itself on engrossing children in learning through its various STEAM exhibits. This museum is the perfect place for your kids who are visual and tactile learners. The exhibits and activities are so fun, the kids won’t even realize they are learning at the same time. While your children are home the week of Thanksgiving Break. Schedule a time for you and your young ones to visit and play at the Curious Museum.

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