Find The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Playful kids enjoying a Halloween party

Halloween is the perfect night to let yourself be whoever you want to be! It’s the one night a year where everyone gets to dress up, pull some tricks, and eat lots of treats. Whether you want your costume to be silly or scary, we have a list of some great DIY costume ideas to spice up your fright night without breaking the bank!

Cat With A Ball Of Yarn

This super cute and cuddly costume is perfect for every cat-lover. Wear an all-black outfit. You can make it fancy with a dress, meant for a night on the town, or you can dress it down with a pair of comfy sweats. Grab a ball of yarn to entangle yourself in. We suggest a bright-colored yarn to really make it pop against your all-black outfit. Throw on a pair of cat ears and a tail, or make your own!

Jack ‘O Lantern

All you need for this costume is something orange to wear, black paper, tape, and scissors! Use your scissors to cut out your jack ‘o lantern face on the black paper. Tape the face to your orange dress or shirt. You now have a super simple Halloween costume that took just a few minutes to make.

Smartie Pants

This sweet costume will give you something to wear and something to snack on. All you have to do is tape some Smarties® candy to your jeans and you’re a “smartie” pants!


This costume can be pulled off with just the clothes you already have in your closet. Throw on a flannel shirt with jeans or overalls, add some boots and maybe a hat, and you’re wearing a farmer costume.

Men in Black

Black suit. White button-up. Sunglasses. These items are all you need to dress as the iconic Men in Black characters from the film franchise.

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You can make this costume in seconds before you walk out the door to make your way to wherever your fright night is taking you. All you need is a white t-shirt and a permanent marker. Write “ERROR: Costume Not Found” on the front and you have a hilarious costume that will everyone giggle.

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