Learn About The Oldest Bakery In The Lone Star State

Factory for the production of bakery products

Did you know that the Lone Star State’s oldest operating bakery is right there in Palestine? It’s called Eilenberger’s, and it’s been serving fresh treats since 1898. And the baked goods are so delicious that the bakery’s reputation extends well beyond Texas. In fact, they ship freshly baked goods to customers around the country. But, of course, you don’t have to pay for shipping to get some goodies from Eilenberger’s. Instead, you can head over to the bakery and pick some up in person. First, get some more information about the bakery. Then head over for a divine dessert.

A Storied History

When F.H. Eilenberger opened the bakery in 1898, his sole focus was bread. However, it wasn’t long before he expanded the menu to include pies, pastries, and other confections.

The bakery used a horse-drawn carriage to deliver the treats to Palestine residents in the early days. That went out of vogue in 1920, though, when the company switched to delivery trucks. Now, people can get express delivery when placing online orders. And then, of course, others stop in to see the sweet treats before purchasing. No matter which option you choose, you can expect the tastiest treats in East Texas.

Fresh Treats Without Cutting Corners

Eilenberger’s might have evolved over the years, but it’s still committed to providing freshly baked goods using the finest ingredients. Its gourmet cakes are among the bakery’s bestselling items, and regardless of how many orders it gets, each one is made entirely by hand. Other bakeries might use machines and assembly lines to put together sweet treats, but Eilenberger’s believes in its old-fashioned approach. And when you consider that the mail order catalog goes out to around a million people a year, it’s clear it pays off in dividends.

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Iconic Options at Eilenberger’s

With a vast menu, you won’t have any trouble finding something to order at Eilenberger’s. Be sure to try one of the iconic desserts, such as the gooey cinnamon rolls. Oh, and don’t forget about the cookies, including the tastebud pleasing Chocolate Pecan Clusters and Apricot Angels.

Finally, there’s the World Famous Fruitcake, and that name is far from hyperbole. Loaded with Texas pecans and other ingredients, it’s honestly the best fruitcake around. It’s so scrumptious that the bakery continues to use the original recipe. After all, there’s no reason to improve when you already have the best.

Are you getting a hankering for a sweet treat? You can grab the bakery’s catalog on its website or head over. If you go in person, you can let your senses guide you to a delicious dessert.

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