Come Witness The Maydelle Turntable Runs

Maydelle Turntable

If you’re interested in railroad history, you’re probably familiar with a railway turntable. This device turns locomotives, so they can return to their previous destinations. These days, trains are often bi-directional, allowing them to be operated from either end, so the locomotives don’t have to be turned around. That doesn’t mean you can’t still see a turntable in action. Hop aboard the Texas State Railroad for one of the Maydelle “Educational” Turntable Runs to see a turntable in action.

These runs will be on May 2 and 16 at 11 a.m. Kids’ tickets start at $10, and they can purchase a sack lunch for $5 when aboard. Adults can also join in the fun. Make your reservations, so your kids can see this little piece of railroad history for themselves.

About the Maydelle Turntable

The St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad built the Maydelle Turntable in the late 1890s. They built it at the Paris, Texas, railyard, and started using it in 1902. The Texas State Railroad acquired it in 1981 and moved it to Maydelle.

About the Trip

When you take this trip, you’ll hop aboard a locomotive and head to Maydelle. Then, you will see how the turntable operates using compressed air. The staff will explain the process to you as you turn around on the turntable. It’s something that you honestly cannot completely understand if you just read about it. You need to go on the trip and see it in action.

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Other Upcoming Events

It’s going to be a busy year for the Texas State Railroad. The railroad will also host a Memorial Day Brunch Train, the Romance on the Rails train ride, and so much more. If you want to embark on a trip to remember, keep track of the events happening at the Texas State Railroad and book your spot. Just remember to book early. These tickets tend to sell out.

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