The Most Popular Car The Year You Graduated

2020 Toyota CamryProm. Yearbooks. Pep rallies. If you’re like most Americans, these images evoke memories from your time in high school. You can probably remember a lot of fads, fashions, and trends from the time when you were in high school. Can you remember what the most popular car was the year you graduated. Maybe? Maybe not? If you’re guessing that it was a Toyota – you’re probably right. 

The Toyota Camry has taken home the crown of most popular car in America a record amount of times. In fact, there’s a good chance that it was the sales leader the year you graduated from high school

The Camry Was Probably The Most Popular Car When You Graduated

Here’s a quick look at the years that Camry took home the crown: 

  • 1997: This was the first year that the Camry took home the sales crown besting the Ford Taurus and the Honda Accord. (The Taurus has since been discontinued by Ford) 
  • 1998: Camry takes home the crown again. 
  • 1999: It’s a three-peat as the Camry brings home the crown for a third consecutive year. 
  • 2000: Yep – Camry did it again in Y2K. 
  • 2002: After missing the mark in the previous year, the Toyota Camry returned to the throne in ’02 and reclaimed the sales crown. 
  • 2003 – 2018: Fifteen years. You read that correctly. From 2003 to 2018, the Toyota Camry was the best-selling/most popular car in America. That’s more than an entire generation of high schoolers who graduated with the Camry on top.

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Let Palestine Toyota Show You Why the Camry Is #1

As you can see from the stats above, there’s a pretty good chance that the Toyota Camry was the most popular car in America the year you graduated from high school. There is definitely a reason for that. 

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