Satisfy Your Craving At Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop


What’s your go-to comfort food? Do you prefer a hot slice of pizza or a warm bowl of pasta? If you’re more of a sandwich and wrap type of person, then Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop is right up your alley! Not only do we think the food will impress you, but we’re also confident that you’ll want to keep going back to try everything you can. If you think the menu below is impressive, be sure to check out their site for the full version.

About the Restaurant

If you’re a sandwich-lover, you’re absolutely going to love all that the Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop provides. Located in the heart of Palestine, Texas at 120 W Oak Street, the sandwich shop offers delicious sandwiches, tasty coffee, and more delicious options. In addition to the many food options, you’ll also enjoy the fun atmosphere provided by the shop. In fact, the restaurant is more than just that – Old Magnolia offers a place for you to shop and find hidden treasures. In fact, you’ll find dog toys, home décor items, and many other items to choose from. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch or spending an evening eating a tasty sandwich and then shopping afterward, you’ll certainly enjoy all of the variety.

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The Menu Options

The Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop provides a wide array of food items for you to choose from. The following is a list of items on the menu for you to consider:

  • Sandwiches – Chicken Salad, Smoked Turkey, Honey Ham, PB&J, Club, Po-Boy, Vegetarian Delight, Toasted Cheese, Pimento Cheese, Meat Lovers, French Dip, Patty Melt, Bacon Melt
  • Wraps – Bacon Wrap, Roast Beef Wrap, Smoked Turkey Wrap, Club Wrap, Chicken Salad Wrap, Chicken Salad Avocado Wrap, Magnolia Wrap
  • Salads – Green Salad, The Marigold, The Magnolia, SPS, MPS, Hearty Chicken Salad
  • Coffee – Lattes, Fresh Ground, Ice Coffee, Cappuccinos, Brewed Coffee, Made to Order

As you can see, the Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop offers much more than sandwiches. Plan a lunch date with your friends today and discover your favorite item on the menu.

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