Find The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Playful kids enjoying a Halloween party
Halloween is the perfect night to let yourself be whoever you want to be! It's the one night a year where everyone gets to dress up, pull some tricks, and eat lots of treats. Whether you want your costume to be silly or scary, we have a list of some... [read more]

Cold Weather Car Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Frozen windshield
Driving when it's cold out can be a frigid experience. Icy weather brings a plethora of complications that no driver wants to deal with. Check out these preventative measures that you can take to be more proactive about winter driving. Windshield Tips Chalk Board Eraser: Use one of these old-school tools to... [read more]

Keep An Eye Out For The 2022 Tacoma TRD Pro

2022 Tacoma TRD Pro
If you love adventure and power, then you’ll love the 2022 Tacoma TRD Pro. In addition to impressive performance, it will also be stylish. Discover what to expect from this next-generation truck. Impressive Performance You can expect top performance from the TRD Pro with its new FOX suspension components. Plus, its upper... [read more]

Lace Up For The Pumpkin Fun Run

Marathon running race
Looking for a fun way to exercise? Then, consider participating in the Pumpkin Fun Run 2021. In addition to being a fun activity, this is a fundraiser. Where and When This year, the Pumpkin Fun Run will be on Saturday, Oct. 2. The run will start at 8 a.m. To register, you... [read more]

Update Your Style With Broken Boutique

Lady Holding At Garments In Boutique
If you are in need of new clothes, come by Broken Boutique. This family-run local store has a great selection, making it a perfect shopping spot if you want to expand your wardrobe or update your style. Before you visit the store, learn more about what to expect. Where and When... [read more]

Go All Out With These Pepperoni Pizza Burger Bombas

Happy family preparing food together
Are you in a cooking rut? You make the same recipes over and over, and you’re as bored with them as your family is. Although, you can change things up with this tasty recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Burger Bombas. This meal is easy to make, and it can be done... [read more]

Could All-Season Tires Be For You?

Rack with variety of new car tires in automobile store
Choosing the right tires for your vehicle can be challenging. There are many factors to consider when seeking the best tire for a given car and location, including speed ratings, treadwear ratings, and temperature recommendations. Could all-season tires be right for you? How do All-Season Tires Differ From Regular Tires? In addition... [read more]

Tips To Staying Cool In The Texas Heat

sporty young woman drinking water
As vacations end and schools go back into session, the summer season may be coming to a close, but the Texas heat is here to stay. Not only will the high temperatures leave you miserably sweaty and couped up in your home, but they can also lead to danger, including... [read more]

Spend The Weekend At The Redlands Hotel

woman stretching her arms after waking up in her hotel room
If you find yourself in Palestine, Texas, rather than staying in a basic, chain hotel, make a reservation to rest your head at the historic Redlands Hotel. From luxurious amenities to delicious dining, and shopping, this hotel will feel like your humble abode when you are away from home —... [read more]

Oxbow Bakery: A Hidden Texas Gem

Sweet Homemade Crunchy Pecan Pie Ready to Eat
If you haven't had the pleasure of tasting one of Oxbow Bakery's famous pies yet, it's high time you grab a slice! If you've had the pleasure of eating an Oxbow Bakery pie before, reacquaint yourself with this Palestine gem and snag a slice this weekend! About Oxbow Bakery Oxbow Bakery has... [read more]