Fill Your Home With These Quick And Easy Decorating Ideas

Beautiful served table with Christmas decorations, candles and lanterns

Are you looking for some super simple ways to spice up your home this holiday season? Here are 6 ideas that are sure to wow your guests and add a little shine to your living space!

Pretty Platter

Create your own super simple tablescape by using some shiny ornaments, spruce twigs, artificial flowers, and a beautiful serving platter. Place all of your pretty items on the platter in an aesthetically pleasing way to give your coffee table or buffet a gorgeous centerpiece!

No-Fuss Festivity

All you need for this fun little craft is artificial greenery and glass vases! You don’t have to go out and buy new vases, as you can just use the ones you already have at home. Place one or two twigs of evergreen or spruce inside for a minimalistic look!

Glitz and Glass

If the rugged, rustic look isn’t your style, fear not! You can use your glass vases from home in a more glamorous display with this idea. Place shining ornaments and ribbons inside and around your glassware to create a sparkly décor ensemble! Pro Tip: Miniature ornaments work best with this idea.

Paper Play

Craft stores are full of different types of holiday paper with varying gorgeous designs. Head out and grab your favorite looks and then get to work. You can cut and fold each paper into a cone shape to create your own little forest of paper trees.

Light it Up

Utilizing string lights is the simplest and oldest trick in the holiday decorating book. You can use these bad boys to wrap around your stair rails, your bannister, porch columns –  you name it! You don’t have to stick to the big items either. These look amazing on wreaths, tables, and even picture frames as well.

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Organic Art

If you are into the minimalist décor style, this idea is perfect for you! Add pine cones and evergreen twigs to simple wooden picture frames for a simple look. Utilize cranberries and acorns in your décor to give everything a more natural feel.

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