Catch A Ride On The Polar Express!

Polar Express

As the holidays get closer, you can begin to sense a bit of magic in the air. Usually, this happens slowly over time. You might notice that Christmas lights are being hung up around the city. Later on, you might see decorations put up in specific locations around town. Of course, one of the first things you’ll probably become aware of is the Christmas music playing in stores, on the radio, and in other places.

Christmas is truly a magical time. This year, why not make a new tradition and add a bit of magic to the holiday when you catch a ride on the Polar Express!

If you’re not familiar with the magical storybook and film, The Polar Express, you’ll want to have a viewing with your family and even read the book. It’s quickly becoming a classic Christmas movie that people watch each year. For this year, let the story come alive by actually hopping on board!

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All Aboard the Polar Express!

Beginning on Friday, November 15 and lasting through Saturday, December 28, trains will depart Palestine, Texas to the North Pole and you can begin your magical journey aboard the Polar Express. Just like in the story, it’s more fun if you show up in your pajamas. While you ride the train, the motion picture soundtrack will play, as we’re sure your children will quickly recognize. During your journey, you’ll receive hot chocolate, cookies, and more as you recite the classic children’s book. You’ll also have the chance to purchase a book so your child can read along as the chef reads the book to you.

Once at the North Pole, Santa and his elves will greet passengers and then board the train. Each guest receives the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell that only believers can hear ringing. On your way back, you and other guests can sing along to the various Christmas carols that we all know and love.

There are several seating arrangements you can choose from such as First Class, Deluxe Coach, Dome Class, Coach Class, and Open-Air Coach. No matter where you’re seated, you’re certain to have a fantastic time as you visit the North Pole, meet Santa and his elves, receive the first gift of Christmas, and enjoy music throughout the journey!

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