Serve Food On The Water With This DIY Pool Tray

luxury floating breakfast eat in swimming pool

Swimming and splashing in the pool is a perfect pastime for families. Inviting over friends or the neighbors to cool off and have fun is the best way to spend a warm day. However, having to get out of the pool to grab snacks puts a pause on all the fun. Dukes and Duchesses have a fix to ensure you and your guest have snacks readily accessible in the pool with this DIY pool tray!

What You’ll Need

To craft your DIY pool tray you will need a pool noodle and a tray. Dukes and Duchesses recommend pool noodles from the Dollar Store because they are cheap and plentiful. For your tray, any material that can resist being splashed is good. Plastic, cogitated metal, and wood if it is sealed properly are all good options. The tray can be colorful, plain, or with texture–anything that fits your style.

How to Make the Tray

First, you will need to cut the pool noodle in thirds. Once you have done that, you can adhere the tray to the noodles with E6000 (or similar adhesive) with two noodle pieces on each side of the tray and one in the middle. Make sure that it is completely dry before placing it in the pool.

The Tray is Perfect For

Finally, place the tray in the pool. The tray is perfect for your kiddo’s favorite snacks or a place to put your beverage. No matter how you use the tray, it will surely be a favorite with your family and friends.

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DIY Pool Raft

Dukes and Duchesses have many other fun pool DIYs you can try. One that is similar to the tray is making your own pool raft. For the raft, you will need, a pool noodle and a 37 inches by 20 inches piece of fabric. Waterproof outdoor fabric is recommended. You will cut the pool noodle in half and take the fabric and fold ¼ inch under both edges and sew them down. Then, take a short edge and fold it over the noodle and pin it down, repeat on the other side. Finally, you will slide the noodle in and it should be a bit tough if you made the casing tight enough.

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