Easy Spring Time Grilling Recipes

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Springtime is prime grilling season, and if the warmer days have inspired you to fire up the grill, try out these recipes for outstanding outdoor eating.

Starters and Sides

You can stoke the flames of your grill and the appetites of your guests at the same time with some quick kabobs. Skewers are great for serving up a variety of tasty flavors together, and the sausage squash kabobs combine the sausage of your choice with colorful yellow squash and green zucchini. Cut everything from the links to the veggies to the same thickness, about one half of an inch for a consistent cooking time. The potatoes will take a little extra prep to soften them up, but the whole dish can be whipped up in less than half an hour.

For a little surf with your turf, consider the shrimp skewers with a rich marinade. Let the shrimp soak in a chile-spiced blend of brown sugar, vinegar, and hot sauce for a couple of hours, then load them onto the skewers and over the heat. It doesn’t take much time to cook shrimp, so don’t leave them on for too long.

BBQ Staples

Once you throw some beef patties on the grill, the sandwich options are endless, and this gruyere and egg burger is loaded with delicious toppings. Garlic, thyme, mustard, and olive oil add savory flavors to the meat, while the eggs are fried with a generous slab of butter. In addition to the fried egg on top, you can add on sliced tomatoes, your favorite condiments, and some fresh arugula for a splash of green.

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or just any old sunny day, country-style ribs are always appropriate. A homemade BBQ sauce of chile powder, celery seed, cider vinegar, hot sauce, and other tangy flavors ensures that every bite is as tasty as it is tender. The pork ribs are slow-cooked in an oven to start, then finished on the grill before being slathered in the sauce.

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