Cook In Season With Spring Produce

potatoesThese days, you can get pretty much all your vegetables at any time of year. However, did you know that this wasn’t always the case? In the past, you just had to wait for what was in season. Now, you may be able to get tomatoes in the winter and cabbage in the summer. However, that doesn’t mean that you should make a habit of eating produce that’s out of season. Your food will taste better if you are eating the freshest plants that are actually meant to be eaten at this time of year. So take a look at some of the vegetables you’ll see popping up this season and take a look at how you can use them in a delicious recipe.

Spring Fruits and Veggies

Don’t even know what’s in season right now? That totally makes sense because not everyone does. However, you should be on the lookout for some specific foods, like carrots, chives, fava beans, asparagus, fennel, leeks, and mangoes. You can also keep an eye out for apricots, spinach, potatoes, watercress, and pineapples. There are plenty of other spring fruits and vegetables that you may want to try out, as well.

Veggie Recipes

Now that you know about some of the fresh vegetables you can start using, you can take a look at recipes that utilize these very veggies. For example, you can’t go wrong with a spring vegetable stew or a creamy spring onion soup. And if you’re looking for something that’s on the meatier side, you may want to whip up a garlic-rubbed pork shoulder with fresh spring vegetables. Get creative, and you never know what you may come up with for dinner.

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Fruit Recipes

Veggies don’t have to get all the action, though. Spring is a great time to start eating more fruits, as well. For example, a carrot-mango lassi is going to taste absolutely amazing on those really hot days when you need something to cool you down. Or what about some spicy apricot chicken wings? But of course, when it comes to fruit, you can always keep it simple. Cut up some fruit to share on a platter, or just bite into a piece of it when you’re feeling a bit hungry. And remember to make a smoothie or two to enjoy outside.

With all of these amazing recipes at your disposal, you are going to have so many opportunities to make use of the delicious spring produce you’ll find this year.

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