Strike Out at the Palestine Bowling Center

palestine bowling center

It’s the moment of truth. All you need is to knock down two more pins and you’ll beat all the other players’ scores in the game. The problem? It’s the infamous 7-10 split staring back at you from the other end of the bowling lane.

As your friends playfully tease you in the background, you turn to look at them, rolling your eyes. You stare back at the objective in front of you, planting your stylish bowling shoes firmly on the slick floor. For a moment, the world stops. You no longer hear your friends, the loud music playing over the speakers, or the kids at the table near you loudly crunching on their snacks. There are no more distractions.

You inhale and exhale deeply, gripping the bowling bar firmly and closing your eyes. You move slightly, swing your arm, and feel the ball release from your fingers. It hits the bowling lane hard and for a split second, you think the ball is heading for the gutter.

In an instant, however, the ball turns and heads straight for one of the pins. As the first pin goes down, you watch it slide across the lane and catapult directly into the other pin. Startled, the last pin wobbles slightly. Your friend begins to cheer, thinking he’s already won, when suddenly the last remaining pin wobbles the other way and gravity pulls it toward the ground.

You turn around to face your friends with a big smile on your face.

The Palestine Bowling Center

At the Palestine Bowling Center in Palestine, TX, you’ll be able to show off your bowling skills to your friends and family. Simply swing by Monday through Friday beginning at 4 p.m. or on the weekend starting at 1 p.m. to enjoy bowling and a fun atmosphere.

The Palestine Bowling Center also features numerous specials for those who want to get a good deal or enjoy bowling in groups. If you’re interested in hosting a party or joining a league, they have these options as well. With such low prices, you’ll be able to bowl for hours on end, constantly sharpening your skills.

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More to Do

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