The Sweetest Holiday Dessert Recipes

Christmas baking table scene with assorted sweets and cookies, top view over a rustic wood background

The holiday season is in full swing! There’s nothing better than a delicious holiday dessert, especially when that dessert takes just a few minutes to make. Check out these super simple holiday dessert recipes. Each of these desserts can feed at least a dozen or more people, so they are perfect for family gatherings, work parties, and any other holiday event you may be attending.

Peppermint Stick Dessert

Nothing can top the minty-fresh flavor of this Peppermint Stick dessert! This crisp cool recipe uses gelatin, whipping cream, and half-and-half mixed with the Christmas-classic candy cane to get a delicious peppermint flavor with a creamy texture. Topped off with chocolate wafers, this dessert is perfect for holiday gatherings.

Holiday Cornflake Cookies

These crispy, crunchy Holiday Cornflake Cookies will leave your hands sticky and wanting more. Make cornflake cookies as usual with frosted cornflake cereal, butter, and marshmallows, but shape them into ring-like circles. Add green sprinkles and Red Hot Candies on top to make them look like Christmas wreaths.

Cream Cheese Candies

These tasty homemade mints will have everyone asking you for the recipe! All you need is cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, and some peppermint or vanilla extract to create these delectable candies. Use a fork to create a crossing pattern in them or make them out of small fondant presses to really impress your holiday crowd.

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Make your whole house smell delicious by baking these homemade peanut butter cups for your holiday gathering! Anything made from chocolate and peanut butter is a hit even with the pickiest of eaters.  Everyone will be grabbing these miniature-muffin-shaped desserts by the handful!

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Red Velvet Candy Cane Fudge

Everyone loves red velvet cake. Everyone loves fudge. Mix the two together and add crushed candy canes on top to get basically the greatest thing since sliced bread. Your holiday crew will go absolutely wild over this minty-fresh red velvet fudge recipe!

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