Tackle Home Improvement Projects

woman painting interior wall

The new year calls for new projects! When you watch the home improvement channel on television, their bog projects are ready from start to finish in just an hour-long time slot. Spice up your home with a little bit of DIY in 2022 with these super simple projects!

Use a Bold Paint Color

Have a boring room with dull furniture? Bring it to life with a fresh coat of paint. You don’t have to paint the entire room if you don’t want to. Pick yourself out a bright or unique color and paint an accent wall with it. Use some creativity and get to work!

Clean Your Dryer Ducts

There are lots of reasons you should probably go clean out your dryer duct. A build-up of lint will not only prevent your dryer from getting the job done efficiently, but it is also a major fire hazard.

Build A Raised Flower Bed

This cute and simple way to spruce up your yard goes a long way! Grab some wood and create a raised flower bed for your yard to make it look like you have professional landscapers come out on a regular basis.

Update Your Hardware

This is a super easy trick for giving your home a modern feel without breaking the bank! Don’t fuss with getting all new cabinetry or doors, just upgrade your handles to a sleek, more stylish look to completely transform your home!

Degrime the Outside

Pull out the pressure washer and hose your house down. Get rid of all the moldy green, dust, and dirt that is probably covering the outside of your home. While you’re at it, go ahead and give your porch, handrails, and sidewalks a little spray too.

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Window Film

Go online and find yourself some window film that matches your home’s aesthetic. Not only is this super cute, but it is a great add-on for those looking for a little extra privacy in their home. This hack gets bonus points because it is renter-friendly and easily removable!

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