Category: Car Care

Tips For Washing Your Car In The Heat

man soaping his car. close-up hand drawing
Washing your car in the heat may seem like a good idea at first, but it can also create some problems. It’s essential to take care of yourself so you’re not sweltering under the sun by getting everything ready before you begin. Having everything in place means you’ll spend less... [read more]

Cooler Weather Car Tips And Tricks

Bucket with sponges and brush with lots of foam next to car tire.
Warm weather is officially fading away and it is time to get your car ready for the cold days ahead! After the last few months of summer, sand, and fall leaves, your vehicle is probably in desperate need of a good cleaning. While you're at it, it's a good idea... [read more]

Toyota Car Maintenance Tips

Auto mechanic working in garage.
If you are the proud owner of a Toyota, your vehicle was built to last. Our vehicles are equipped with the parts and momentum to last you for years and years to come, and that comes with basic car care and quality maintenance. If you are unsure of what your... [read more]

60K Mile Car Maintenance Tips

Technician checking under a vehicle's hood
Once your vehicle hits the 60,000-mile mark, it's been kicking it for a while. Although, if you take proper care of it, it has lots of life left to live. If you want to ensure your ride drives for another 60,000 miles, check out these precautionary vehicle maintenance tips. Battle With... [read more]