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3 Easy One Pot Recipes

a crock pot
When you need to make dinner, but don’t want to create a large and complicated production, it pays to find ways to simplify your cooking. One of the quickest ways to streamline your time in the kitchen is to cut down on the amount of pots and pans you’ll need... [read more]

Easy Spring Time Grilling Recipes

a lit grill outside by the pool, background out of focus
Springtime is prime grilling season, and if the warmer days have inspired you to fire up the grill, try out these recipes for outstanding outdoor eating. Starters and Sides You can stoke the flames of your grill and the appetites of your guests at the same time with some quick kabobs. Skewers... [read more]

Take One Of These Side Dishes To The Memorial Day Cookout

Memorial Day Dishes
You may have a few recipes up your sleeve, but it always seems like you make the same dishes over and over again. But what if you want to change things up this Memorial Day? If you are headed to a cookout, you are probably on the hunt for amazing... [read more]