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Take A Trip To The Texas State Railroad

Railroad Track Switch Detail
If you live in Texas, you’ve probably seen plenty of the state while driving around. Therefore, you know it’s a beautiful part of the country, and there’s so much to see. After all, it’s massive. Did you know there’s a whole new way to explore the state that might be... [read more]

Beat The Cold And Visit The Museum For East Texas Culture

For the art-lovers, the history-buffs, and all of you who simply enjoy learning, a museum is a great place to be. If you live in Palestine, Texas, isn’t it about time that you’ve visited the Museum for East Texas Culture? We think so! To help get you excited, we’ve taken... [read more]

Dive Into Locomotive History At The Railroad Heritage Center!

Young minds are impressionable. This is a simple fact. It’s why we teach young children about the ABCs, the planets, animal life, and other important information to know. At such a young age, children are able to absorb information that’s much-needed alter in life. There’s also the fact that kids... [read more]

Catch A Ride On The Polar Express!

Polar Express
As the holidays get closer, you can begin to sense a bit of magic in the air. Usually, this happens slowly over time. You might notice that Christmas lights are being hung up around the city. Later on, you might see decorations put up in specific locations around town. Of... [read more]

See Pinocchio Come To Life At The Texas Theater!

If you love plays and musicals, you won’t want to miss "My Son Pinocchio" at the Historic Texas Theatre. Disney’s “My Son Pinocchio: Geppetto’s Musical Tale” will show on select dates between July 26 and Aug. 4, and tickets are already on sale. Tickets and Specific Dates Catch the show on the... [read more]

Check Out The Railroad Heritage Center

Railroad Heritage Center
You always want to learn more about the area in which you live. Why? Because understanding more about an area’s history and past can help you understand why it is the way it is today. Plus, learning more about a specific area can also help you better appreciate where you... [read more]

Switch Brick Oven Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Switch Brick Oven Pizzeria & Wine Bar
Sometimes, you just need some good Italian food. However, it’s harder to find than you might think. There aren’t a lot of restaurants that really do Italian food well outside of Italy. So, if you are looking for one in the nearby area, you may not know where to start.... [read more]

Take A Trip To Davey Dogwood Park

Davey Dogwood Park
The weather is so beautiful this summer. Why don’t you take advantage of it and try to find new ways to get into the great outdoors? If you are looking for new outdoor spots this summer, you are in luck. There are plenty of great places to check out around... [read more]

Explore The Wild At Grapeland Safari

Grapeland Safari
Want to go on safari, but a trip to Africa isn’t in the cards? Check out the Grapeland Safari right here in Texas. The safari has all kinds of animals, including zebras, wildebeest, llamas, and buffalo. You don’t have to walk around to see these animals. Drive through in your... [read more]

Bring The Family To The Railroad Heritage Center

Railroad Heritage Center
The Texas State Railroad runs right through Palestine, and those trains and tracks are responsible for a great deal of history. Learn more about that history by visiting the Railroad Heritage Center in Palestine. The heritage center just opened a little over a year ago, and it’s already a popular... [read more]