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19th Annual Palestine Old Time Music Festival

Palestine Old Time Music Festival
If you’re like many people who live in Palestine, you absolutely love living in Texas. There’s something about the rich culture that just makes it irresistible. But how much do you really get to celebrate that culture? Well, a fun festival is coming up, and you don’t want to miss... [read more]

2020 Dogwood Trails Festival

Dogwood Trails Festival
If you live in the Palestine, Texas, area, then you know that you’re lucky to live in a place that has a strong sense of community. That's why it's important to celebrate this community every chance you get. If you want to celebrate the fun way, then you're definitely going... [read more]

Get Your Tickets for ‘Gilligan’s Island: The Musical’

Gilligan’s Island
You remember “Gilligan’s Island,” don’t you? It was a famous TV show that featured a group of friends that got stranded on an island. But instead of freaking out, they had a bunch of hilarious adventures together. The show was a lot of fun, but you know what’s even more... [read more]