All Aboard! Hop On An Authentic Texas State Railroad

steaming railroad train

From the moment, you step foot on the refurbished train cars of the TSR, you will feel all the weight of the world lift from your shoulders. Imagine traveling without fear of traffic, leaving hours earlier than necessary, or the annoyances of the road. Relax and enjoy a drink for as long as four hours on the TSR systems. All Aboard!

All Aboard the Texas State Railroad

Comfort meets adventure for all those who choose to ride on the Texas State Railroad. The traditional yet extremely durable seats of this locomotive provide the perfect ambiance and experience for its riders. The ride includes comfortable seating, food and beverage options, along with a historic narration on the rail journey that dates back centuries ago. From the moment you step on the vintage 1920s-esuqe cars, they will leave you speechless.  This 4-hour train adventure leaves you with an hour layover at either the Rusk or the Palestine depot grounds.

It will take you on an impressive journey through the Piney Woods and over 125 years of history. “Relaxed seating, thoughtful décor and friendly, responsive attendants add to the ambiance of the scenic journey afforded by travelers a century ago.” You can choose from various seat options ranging anywhere from First Class all the way to the Caboose. Find more information about the train online.

Romantic Piney Woods Area Tour

During the months of June through September, passengers will have the luxury of riding under the moonlit Texas sky. This event will run through the summer, beginning every Saturday evening at 6 p.m. sharp. You and your significant other will be able to enjoy the romantic ambiance of the Piney Woods. Make sure you take in your loved one’s eyes under the moon and stars during this quaint trip through the woods. As the train rumbles on through Eastern Texas you will be able to catch how the sun bathes the trees in soft golden hues. The woods will almost come alive with the perfect glow of the moon-kissed skies on this Texas State Railroad. For more information about the Saturday evening tours, make sure you check out this link located here.


The people of the TSR understand that this concept is a bit unorthodox these days, and for that reason, they have provided their customers with a list of FAQs. The ride will last approximately 4 hours and will happen rain or shine. Most trains depart at either 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. You can check the full schedule here. Snacks and some appetizers are available for purchase in most areas of the train. The staff prefers no outside food or beverages, please. Reservations are required and highly recommended due to the train capacity that quickly fills. For any unanswered FAQs check out this page here.

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