Tips For Washing Your Car In The Heat

man soaping his car. close-up hand drawing

Washing your car in the heat may seem like a good idea at first, but it can also create some problems. It’s essential to take care of yourself so you’re not sweltering under the sun by getting everything ready before you begin. Having everything in place means you’ll spend less time broiling in the hot sun resulting in sunburn or worse. But washing your car in the warm sun can also cause unsightly and damaging watermarks. Try these tips for washing your car in the heat.

Work Quickly

Hot weather and bright sun will dry the soap faster than you can get it off the car if you’re not careful. Be smart about tackling the job, especially if it’s been a while or it’s a particularly dirty job. In addition, tackling the job strategically helps you keep track so you don’t miss any spots.

Start Here First

If you’re taking care of the details and the big picture with the car wash, start with the door jambs, engine bay, or wheels first. These areas often require some detailing or scrubbing, so get them out of the way. And try not to wet the body of the car too much, so you don’t get dried-on spots.

Tackle the Car One Small Area at a Time

When you begin to wash the body of the car, choose a specific area to (gently) scrub at a time. Then, when you’ve finished cleaning the dirt, rinse the area before moving on to the next, so you’re not leaving any soap sitting on the car. Additionally, you want to try to keep the vehicle evenly wet at all times. This means that even if you’re currently working on one door, you’ll want the hood and all other areas of the car as evenly wet as possible. And once you finish washing the whole car, give it one last rinse.

Time to Dry

Break out the microfiber cloths when you’re ready to dry the car. Even materials you think are OK can scratch and damage the coating that protects the paint. A microfiber cloth can help you gently polish the surface. However, you’ll need to carefully work in areas like the side mirrors that collect water and can drip, causing streaks and spots.

Sometimes people skip the hand-drying step, thinking that the warm sun is ideal for air-drying the car. But many homes have hard water, which will leave visible spots when it dries in place on the vehicle. Often, these hard water spots are difficult to buff away once dry.

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