Toyota Car Maintenance Tips

Auto mechanic working in garage.

If you are the proud owner of a Toyota, your vehicle was built to last. Our vehicles are equipped with the parts and momentum to last you for years and years to come, and that comes with basic car care and quality maintenance. If you are unsure of what your vehicle needs to continually serve you on the road, check out these basic maintenance services that will keep your Toyota in optimal condition.

Never Skip a Scheduled Service

Prevent the problem before you have one. Preventative maintenance, including checks for loose ends and worn parts, like the serpentine belt, spark plugs, and wires will keep you from having to fork out the cash for an extensive issue. Toyota service centers go the extra mile by applying a service sticker to your vehicle, so you will know exactly when it’s time to come in for a service.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, a long history of proven maintenance is sure to get you a better resale value.

Read Up On Your Owner’s Manual

You know that book you have shoved in your glove box? It’s time to take it out for a read. Each vehicle is different and requires various services at different milestones, and by reading between the lines, you will know everything you need to know, plus some. Whether you have a question about the vehicle’s infotainment system, or you are unsure of how often you need an oil change, this booklet will have the answers.

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

Ignoring a warning light? While usually, a warning light is nothing to worry about, there’s a reason an indicator was flipped, so it’s time to head over to your Toyota dealer. Whether the light for low tire pressure, low oil pressure, or the coolant system flips on, one of our professional technicians can have it checked out in no time.

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Stay Up to Date With These Services

  • Routine oil changes based on the owner’s manual recommendations
  • Keep the fluids fresh and refilled as needed
  • Replace the serpentine belt as the owner’s manual recommends
  • Test your battery regularly
  • Replace your windshield wipers as needed
  • Replace your brake pads as needed

In need of high-quality vehicle maintenance that won’t break the bank? Schedule an appointment with our professional service department at Palestine Toyota.

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