Traveling With Kids: Make Sure You Have These Items

Family of Four Road Trip

Summertime will be here before you know it! The kiddos will be out of school for a few months and you will be taking some well-earned vacation time. Before you pack up the car and hit the road, make sure you have these must-have items for when you are traveling with the kiddos.

Individual Bags

Each of your kids has different interests, right? If your kids are old enough to pack up a few of their things, allow them to pack their own “carry on” full of their toys, books, and supplies for coloring or drawing. That way, mom and dad are not overworked by packing up everyone’s belongings and each child can bring along exactly what they would like to have for the journey.

A Strong Family Playlist

What’s a road trip without some tunes? Or, perhaps a podcast or audiobook? Especially for long drives, eventually, the kids will run out of toys to tweak with, so they will be ready to listen to something. Combine a playlist of the family’s favorite tunes and have everyone sing along, and watch the time fly by!

Snacks and Drinks

It never fails; kids are always hungry or thirsty. To avoid stopping every thirty minutes to get a snack or drink, be sure to pack some for the drive. Keep a cooler of water and pack easy-to-eat snacks like crackers, pre-popped popcorn, cheese sticks, granola bars, gummies, and more. Bring along grocery bags to easily designate as the car trash bag.

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