Update Your Look At One Of These Local Salons!


Sometimes finding a nice hair salon can prove to be a challenge. So, below, we’ve taken a closer look at several salons in the area that you’ll want to visit!

Urban Daisy Salon & Boutique

Located at 102 W. Crawford, Palestine, Texas, the Urban Daisy Salon & Boutique is an excellent place to visit if you’re in need of a haircut or if you simply want to switch up your style. The hairstylists at Urban Daisy Salon provide a unique experience for customers. Not only do they offer simple cuts for adults and children, but they are also artists who create beautiful hairstyles for guests. Whether you’re getting a color, a cut, or any type of service, the hairstylists at Urban Daisy Salon ensure that you leave with a quality haircut. Consider Urban Daisy Salon today! They also have a boutique you’ll love!

Hairapy: Where Hair Gets Therapy

At Hairapy, the goal is for your hair to receive the quality care it needs, just like the care you might receive when you visit a therapist. Known as “Where Hair Gets Therapy,” Hairapy is a place you want to go to receive a relaxing and spa-like experience. In fact, some of the services they have to offer include the following:

  • Custom Coloring & Corrections – You can receive a new hair color, fix a problematic issue, and receive custom coloring.
  • Hair Cutting & Styling – Whether you want a simple cut or you’ve found a unique style you want to try out, Hairapy will be there for you every step of the way to ensure your experience is memorable and you’re receiving the custom style you wish for.
  • Hair Products – If you can’t seem to find the right product for your hair, consider using the hair products Hairapy has to offer.

In addition to these services, Hairapy provides re-texturing, permanents, hair extensions, hair removal, bridal services, styling, scalp treatment, precision cutting, and much more.

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Sanctuary Retreat

If you’re searching for a more luxurious experience, consider visiting the Sanctuary Retreat. A true sanctuary, Sanctuary Retreat offers more than just a salon. In fact, you can take advantage of the following during your visit:

  • Spa
  • Day Spa
  • Waxing
  • Sugaring
  • Massage
  • Skincare
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Microblading
  • More!

In addition to these services, you receive top-quality maintenance for your hair. The salon experts have the know-how needed to ensure you receive the quality haircut you’re searching for. From hair colorings to bridal packages and other services, Sanctuary Retreat is a place you’ll want to go to get away from it all. Leave the stress behind with a massage or simply enjoy a day at the spa with your friends. You won’t regret this much-needed rest and relaxation.

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