Upgrade Your Waffles With These Toppings

decorating waffles at home

You can do so many things with waffles. Whether you opt for sweet or savory toppings, you can create a tasty snack or meal that is easy and versatile. In fact, that’s what makes waffles such a great food choice. Everyone in the family can start with plain waffles and add what they like best. Here are some ways you can upgrade your waffles with new and fun toppings.

The Ever Popular Chicken and Waffles

So easy and yet so tasty, chicken and waffles is a popular dish for a good reason. You can fry up chicken the traditional way, bone-in, and serve it with waffles, or skip some steps and prepare chicken strips or breast by frying it up. Frying up strips or pieces makes it easier to get a bite with both the chicken and the waffle. Include other toppings like maple syrup and fresh or fried jalapeño rings.

Try Steak and Waffles, Too

It’s not such a strange combo when you think about it. In fact, many diners offer a steak and egg breakfast, so steak and waffles will pleasantly surprise you. Try slicing the steak and pairing it with the waffles. Ready for the secret to this combo? The waffles are actually hash browns you make in your waffle iron and mix with a bit of pepper jack cheese.

Apple Cinnamon Goodness

Plain waffles genuinely are the perfect blank canvas. But in this case, you can pack some extra taste in by adding diced apples and cinnamon to the waffle batter before cooking it. Then, put together the delicious apple topping. Cook brown sugar, a little water, a crisp, sweet apple like Honeycrisp diced up, butter, and ground cinnamon for a sweet waffle glaze.

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Waffles for Dessert

Of course, the apple cinnamon waffles are sweet enough to be a dessert. But if you’re looking for a more traditional take, waffles make a great base. For a gooey sugar overload, toast a marshmallow, then place it on the warm waffle and top with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream. Then, add sprinkles or whatever toppings you love and dig in.

No, that’s not a misprint. Topping your waffles with chili could be one of the most filling lunches you’ve ever had. The key is to start with a cornbread mix for your waffle. Then, make your favorite chili recipe or grab your preferred canned chili. Don’t forget delicious toppings like sour cream, shredded cheese, green onions, and diced peppers or jalapeños.

Which waffle recipe will you try next?

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