Share Some Extra Love With The Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Family Making Valentine's Day Cards Overhead

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative with some homemade arts and crafts with the kids in your life. Pull out some glue and glitter and get crafty! Check out this list of simple Valentine’s Day crafts that kids of all ages will enjoy. These are all great to give as little gifts to friends and family to spread the love on this special holiday.

Heart Flowers

Create these heart-shaped flowers to pass out to all of your loved ones. You’re going to use scissors to cut a heart shape out of paper. Then, you will decorate and design the heart however you like. You can use glitter, stickers, markers, and more. Next, tape it to a green straw (that’s the stem). Cut out some leaf shapes using green paper and scissors. After, tape those to the “stem” as well. Now you have a super cute heart-shaped flower to gift someone on the day of love.

Heart Fingerprint Tree

Another craft that is full of love is these heart fingerprint trees, which are both fun for the giver and the receiver! Have an adult create a naked tree shape on paper using a dark marker. Outline a large heart very lightly using a pencil. Have your little one fill in the heart shape with their fingerprints using red or pink paint. Now you have a meaningful craft that is sure to make a print on someone’s heart!

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Threaded Heart Paper Plate

This craft is super simple and can keep little ones occupied for a very long time. Cut a paper plate into a heart shape using scissors. Next, take a hole punch and create lots of holes all around the perimeter of the heart. Using some red or pink yarn, have your little one thread through each of the holes to fill in the heart. Not only is this craft cute and fun, but it is also great for working those fine motor skills.

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