Brr! Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving With These Tips

Young woman using car first aid kit box

Winters in Palestine, Texas are typically pretty mild. It doesn’t get too cold and the chances of snow are very slim, but you never know when you will need to be prepared for some seriously dangerous winter roads. Whether you’re traveling to a snowy area or just interested in winter driving tips, take a look at these ideas to better prepare your car for winter driving!


Instead of slipping and sliding all over the cold, wet, icy roads this winter, make sure your tires are prepared for the elements. You will want to check and see if your tires have at least 1/8 tread. If they do not, it may be time for some new tires. Check out all-season tires. If you want to splurge a bit, get you an additional set of tires that you only use during the wintertime each year. You’re also going to want to make sure the air pressure in your tires is all good before you hit the road. Drops in temperature make the PSI go down. Go ahead and fill your tires with air!


If you park your vehicle outdoors during the wintertime, it puts a particular strain on your vehicle’s battery. You definitely do not want to get caught somewhere in the cold and hear that awful silence when you try to crank your car and the battery is dead. Make a proactive check of your battery. Repair shops don’t usually charge very much to load-test your battery, and some car-parts stores will do it for free.


Make sure your headlights are clean of dirt and debris. The summer months are particularly rough on the front ends of vehicles with all the bugs. Wipe those lights clean and give them a good waxing so they can shine bright in the dark and dreary winter months.

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Survival Kit

Keep a small bag in your trunk full of everything you might need if you get stranded roadside in a winter storm. Blankets, hand warmers, snacks, and bottled waters are all good things to keep around for just-in-case situations!

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