Clean Your Car Like A Pro With These Detailing Tips

Car polish

Having your car detailed can get expensive, but no one likes to commute in a dirty vehicle! Check out these DIY detailing tips so you can clean your car at home just like the professionals do!


  • Destink The Interior- Get yourself a can of Non-Smoke to neutralize nasty, old odors! Lightly spray the fabrics of your vehicle then turn the fan on high to get the mist moving.
  • Remove Stains From The Leather- Use this Leather Master Leather CareKit with Ink Lifter to remove pesky stains from your leather seats! Just wipe the ink lifter on your stain and rub it in!
  • Scrape Away Leftover Stickers- Surprisingly your vehicle sees a lot of tickers from dealerships and maintenance crews. Clean off sticker residue with a degreaser like Goo Gone!


  • Lubricate All Hinges- Spray down all of your car’s hinges with a vehicle-safe lubricant. Your doors, windows, hood, and trunk all need to be sprayed to avoid any squeaking!
  • Rinse Before You Wash-Spray down your car with some water before you start washing. The harsh chemicals in soaps can cause paint damage when applied directly to your car.
  • Protect Paint Chips- If you see a paint chip on your car, you need to add a protective sealant as soon as possible to avoid a giant rust spot!

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What to Use

  • Long-Bristled Artist Brush- Just a simple paint brush can go a long way in car cleaning! These are perfect for getting into all of the tiny cracks and crevices of your vehicle like the air vents!
  • Correct Soap- DIYers will tell you to use dish soap when cleaning your car but it is simply too harsh on the paint. Make sure you use car-specific soap to protect the oils in your paint!
  • Microfiber Cloth- The pores of sponges trap grit and then scratch up your paint while washing. Use a microfiber cloth when washing the exterior to protect your car from additional scratches!

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